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  2. these last days have been so exhausting. i worked for about 16 hours both friday and saturday. and on sunday i worked for 6 hours, then i went on a party for those of us who worked at the festival, and on monday i was back at work. yesterday i had the day off, and i had planned to work out. but i decided to spend the entire day with my nephew. he is only two months old, and the cutest kid ever. we went for a really long walk in the nice weather. he was just laying there in his stroller, and i was pushing him up all these long hills. 

    today i’m driving a car for the first time in my life. one step closer to my drivers license! i’m so exited, and nervous! i hope i will have time for a work out after work this evening. i think i will go for a ride on my bike, and climb a small mountain. that sounds great! 

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    I really want to hit the gym today do a 4x4. But i have a 16 hours work day in front of me. first at the cafe where i usually work and then at a festival. i guess i’ll be exhausted afterwards. aaand i’m doing the same thing tomorrow. when i think about it, i will probably be running for two days straight. haha. but i’m looking forward to sunday, because then i will finally have the time to work out again. 

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  6. iwillbe145:

My obliques are crying right now.


    My obliques are crying right now.

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  8. Reblog if you are 5’5 and shorter running a fitblr, I need shorties to follow! :)

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  9. I had the best work out today! I really pushed myself and it felt so good. 

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